Security is our priority

Rug-proof ✅

Our liquidity has been burned in order to ensure security and to give strength to the $DUFF token.(https://polygonscan.com/tx/0xd6b73bba0108cddcaa725a7c564251477a72f5ea82f9389a57fa2bc2d5c14ad8)
Polysa was designed to ensure security for investors, take a look at our contracts on Github

Harvest lockup

Harvest lockup provides the necessary protection against bots, as well as investors wishing to play with the price of the token. This protection is therefore an essential pillar of the project.

Anti-whale protection 🐋

We need to be careful about the control and manipulation of the market by large holders commonly referred to as "whales". Generally, these large token holders can have too much control over the platform and can have a large impact on market movements. This is why an anti-whale system has been put in place, to support small investors in the market.

Audit 📃

Audits with several verified third-party auditors are on their ways, feel free to check the roadmap!